Paradigm shift

About the foundation

The purpose of our foundation is the medical care of people and the sustainable development of countries in Africa.

Our goal: The sustainable development of countries in Africa through modern medical care and knowledge transfer as well as know-how sharing between Europe and the African continent.

Gnipieven Tekombo Foundation was established by Dr. Gnipieven Tekombo in 2020. The foundation is a close partner of the Centre Médical Dr. Gnipieven Tekombo Foundation, which is based in Switzerland. The Gnipieven Tekombo Foundation is primarily committed to the medical care of people and the sustainable development of countries in Africa. The foundation is also committed to knowledge transfer and know-how sharing between Europe and the African continent in medical issues and sustainable development (Sustainable Development Goals).

The Gnipieven Tekombo Foundation will support the Centre Médical Dr. Gnipieven Tekombo Foundation in building a modern clinic for the people of Cameroon.

This is a project by Africans for Africans, which also benefits from the commitment of volunteer Europeans.

The first project currently being implemented by our foundation is the construction of a modern clinic in Bikok, Cameroon.

The purpose of our foundation is realised through the construction of clinics for the outpatient and/or inpatient care of patients and the introduction and maintenance of mobile outreach services for the treatment of patients in rural villages. This is complemented by the organisation of scientific events and research projects, the support of education and training in medical professions and in issues of sustainable development in Africa, as well as all actions that contribute to closing the current gap in sustainable development and are directly or indirectly related to a lasting improvement in the living conditions of the people in Africa.

Where politics can no longer make progress, private initiative is called for. Dr. Tekombo founded the Centre Médical Dr. Gnipieven Tekombo Foundation according to this principle. An idea quickly turned into a clear mission. Namely, to ensure basic medical care for Cameroon’s population.

A medical centre (Centre Médical) with surgery, radiology, general medicine, gynaecology, paediatrics, laboratory medicine and psychiatry is to be built as a foundation stone in Yaoundé. From there, “travelling doctors” will visit the rural population (home visits) and further “medical satellites” will be built throughout the country.

Medical students, assistant doctors, but also all interested medical and scientific professionals as well as nursing staff from Switzerland and Europe will be given the opportunity to contribute their expertise in Cameroon.

At the same time, these specialists are to gain completely new experience with diseases and injuries that do not, no longer or not yet exist in the western world.

An outstanding win-win situation.

A unique exchange of experience and medical know-how at eye level, the effects of which will be invaluable for Cameroon’s population and at the same time enrich medical knowledge in Europe.

Our foundation supports the Centre Médical Dr. Gnipieven Tekombo in the implementation and realisation of this project.

Everyone can become a part of this wonderful mission. With your donation, you help us to continue writing this solidary and unique story. With our foundation, 100 percent of your donations reach the relief organisation. Because we are idealists, work with conviction on a voluntary basis and our administration is lean and transparent. We are aware of our responsibility towards our donors.

And we are very pleased if you are enthusiastic about our project and if we can continue to keep you informed.

Thank you very much!